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Welcome to Applied Elliott Wave

Applied Elliott Wave a relook at using Elliott Wave Theory.

Ralph Nelson Elliott's real message lies hidden deep in his works and commentaries. R N Elliott's true message and secrets come to life and financial markets reveal a different story when seen in the light of Applied Elliott wave.

Our effort is to bring these rare and hidden insights to you in a way where the charts begin speaking to you almost instantly with no learning curve. While R N Elliott's pioneering work has been presented to the world, several times over, the application of Elliott Wave theory still remains a mystery.

Applied Elliott Wave peels away these layers of mystery and presents to you setups in a clear, concise and very usable format. It takes you from a simple understanding of elliott wave knowledge to the profound depths of understanding the intricate working of the financial markets.

Not only do you learn to apply Elliott Wave theory profitably, but also understand, how and why, financial markets change trend. You learn when to break the rules and when to adhere to them. You also learn the different ways markets appear to defy all the rules and what action ot take when markets defy the rules.

Join us in this interesting journey of applying Elliott Wave theory and profit from it enormously.

Trust the patterns - They never lie..

Ananth J Acharya

My 13 year old daughters discovery of the very basic secret of Elliott Wave analysis in 2005 set me up on a journey of a lifetime leading me to find the intricate working of the financial markets.

To Rediscover the 8 Golden Keys of R.N.Elliott 

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